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A small place, with direct access from the patio, combines form of the Spanish tapas-bar with multicultural kitchen with a range of mouth-watering Mediterranean snacks. Thus, in addition to the classics, such as tortilla, chorizo ​​stew, empanadas, olives, stuffed peppers, regale you want to dishes not necessarily associated with Spain, but well suitable for use in small type snack portions and brilliantly administered accompaniment taste of beer or wine.


Low prices on sites exposed on the bar snacks – they have an incentive to visit our site. But tapas is primarily an excellent addition to alcoholic beverages, so we hope that the property will fall to you to taste the evening meeting place with friends over wine and relishes. The concept of tapas perfect for a looser event, you can also compose them very impressive, beautifully presented mini snack on even the most exquisite dinner.


We would like to Tapas Bar has become such a place. The place that you visit regularly, a place where you can spend your time alone, as well as a group of friends and acquaintances, and most of all a place where you feel at home.



Cały Luty Rżnięcie Gruchy

Jedyna w mieście Wódka Gruszkówka z tradycją, bo od dekady przez nas produkowana, przez cały luty w promocyjnej cenie: 3 zł za shota (4 cl), 37,5 zł za pół litra i 75 zł za litr.


Do naszych wódeczek {Gruszkówki, Truskawki i Wiśniówki} dołącza CYTRYNÓWKA. Doskonałe orzeźwienie na ciepłe wieczory.

sesame shrimps

Tapas Bar invite to the new shrimps with sesame and ginger yoghurt dip!


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Śr – Czw 18:00 – 24:00 Pt – Sob 18:00 – 04:00

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